Top 7 Long Lasting Perfumes For Women


Do you often wonder if there is any perfume that can last longer and be even more effective? Well, you have come to the right place then! This post talks about the top ten perfumes that can give you great fragrance for longer periods of time!

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Best Long Lasting Perfumes For Women

1. Derek Lam 10 Crosby Silent St. Eau De Parfum

Derek Lam had a very specific image in mind. He pictured a girl walking down the street, looking ever so confident and in her element. He wanted to capture that feeling in a perfume, which is exactly what this perfume is. It has a floral and fresh scent that has a hint of pure musk. Perfect for a day out in the sun!

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2. The Rebellious – BVLGARI

This perfume has a memorable, strong and adventurous fragrance like the smell of rose, lilac and peach. Smell these fragrances in the air, and be sure to know that a powerful and mystical creature is around. It is the perfect combo of sexy and sweet! It is concocted from the most beautiful flowers in the world, the precious Ottoman rose (Rosa damascena mill) and tea rose oil enriched with black berry and vetiver grass. It is the epitome of luxury and complexity.

3. Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Floral Shock Eau De Parfum

This one is for all the coffee lovers. Nothing better to jolt you awake than a strong cup of coffee right? Now imagine that coffee in the form of perfume. A shot of espresso is what everyone needs! The iconic scent of coffee beautifully blended with vanilla and hints of orange blossom and gardenias is what makes it so summery.

4. The Sweet Teresa – Angel Face

The kind and caring. This woman is very sensitive and tender, so her scent is fresh, light and lady-like. Angel Face is an exquisite and elegant fragrance from the famed Dozen Roses collection, which is loved by women the world over! It is a divine inspiration, both enchanting and enticing. It is the kind of fragrance that makes a woman feel desirous.

This is the best long lasting perfume for women that includes notes of black currant, infused with apple, violet, peony, fragrant jasmine and lilac. This fragrance, like the name suggests, is subtle yet has a fruity-floral fragrance that has a very gourmand edge! Go yumm-a-licious with Angel Face!

6. Christian Dior Poison Girl Eau de Parfum

This list would not be complete till it has something by Dior, and here it is! When you get a whiff of this amazing scent, you’ll be entranced, as it personifies a confident bold and sexy woman who knows what she wants. In this perfume, you’d find traces of Venezuelan Tonka Bean with bursts of citrus orange combined with the elegance of Grasse Rose.

7. The Elegant – Philosophy Amazing Grace

Philosophy Amazing Grace Perfume for women is the perfect choice for any big night out where you don’t necessarily want to be the center of attention. It is a light and feminine floral scent with hints of mandarin, grapefruit, rose, freesia, and just enough white musk to add some charm to the mix.

If you are on the look-out for a soft and subtle scent that will never go out of fashion, this is the one for you. Amazingly clean and very feminine, this perfume will win you compliments wherever you go! This divine fragrance opens with bergamot to greet and treat your senses. At the heart of this lovely fragrance lies irresistibly soft Muguet blossoms and everlasting musk that is sure to envelop both your skin and aura with its delicate touch!

These were our pick of the top 7 long lasting perfumes, which will keep you fragrant all through the day. If you are one of those whoprefersr feminine fragrances to musky tones, these are a must buy. You will be surprised with the number of compliments that will be bestowed upon you!


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