12 Best Foundations for Indian Skin Tones Available In India


The foundations are really difficult to choose because if you will choose the wrong shade then you can literally look like a ghost and if you choose a non-water resistant then it will not last long. This is the reason why choosing a water-resistant foundation is really important, especially if you sweat too much. Apart from this, monsoons are reaching soon and you do not want your foundation to disappear from the small water sprinklers, right? So, here I am discussing the top 12 waterproof foundations; I hope you enjoy.

List of Top 12 Waterproof  Foundations for Indian Skin Tones

1. Lakme Nine to Five Liquid Foundation

This foundation is available in 4 different colors and offers heavy coverage. This is applicable when hides the scars, marks and other skin flaws. It is waterproof and long lasting, so you do not need to repeat it again. It also pulls out your skin tone and you can wrap it while using it because it works very well as a hideout. The packaging is clean and has a pump machine that distributes the right amount of product and avoids wastage.

2. Maybelline Fit Me, Matte + Poreless Foundation

This one is, at present, quite a hot stuff. This is one of the highly recommended and most foundations of the foundation in 2016. From beauty artists, beauty gurus, the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation is affecting the crowd. I personally love the fact that it comes with many colors, from light to dark and according to the sound of our Indian skin. As the name says, you will get ‘fit’ for yourself. I enjoy wearing it, and it is getting myself to reaching out to this on most days. Provides moderate coverage for those days, when you do not want to see everyone ‘made-up’  and this does not sit on my dry patches at all! Continuity makes mixing easy and easily gives me 4 to 6 hours coverage. I would say, not bad for the price. Maybelline did a great deal with this range.

3. Street Wear Stay on Mineral Foundation

This mineral foundation comes in a good packaging by Street Wear and it comes with a beautiful kabuki brush which makes the application easy. Since it is a mineral foundation, it works like sunscreen and protects your skin from harmful sunlight. It is waterproof and sweat proof and stays for the entire day until the makeup is removed with a remover. It is suitable for people with sensitive and oily skin because it is non-comedogenic and contains the minerals contained in it. It gives a lot of coverage and is most suitable for summer.

4. Lakme 9 to 5 Weightless Mousse Foundation

I recommend this entirely from personal experience. This is a tube of foundation feature and decent coverage. I recommend buying it, after that you are trying to store it at the store. This is my quick fix foundation, which means that I mix this with my moisturizer and apply it with a foundation brush. That way, I get a nice tinted coverage and also keeps it in place for a longer time. It does tend to give a feeling of a white cast on your face, so I have a fix for that. Use a translucent setting or a compact powder, and you are good to go. It does have a faint flowery scent, which wears off in the first 15 to 20 minutes. Overall, it’s a good buy!

5. Bourjois Mineral Matte Foundation

This foundation gives a sheer matte finish on your skin after application and it is made of fine minerals which are good for skin. It comes in packaging of a small pot and you can use a spatula to apply it. It gives medium coverage which can be buildable accordingly and is available in four shades to choose from. It is also waterproof and for this reason, it remains without touch up all day. It does not include any preservatives and it is also a test of dermatology.

6. Bharat & Dorris Liquid Foundation

People with oily skin can thank Bharat & Dorris. This foundation comes in a simple glass bottle, which gives the medium for complete coverage. A single pump is enough to cover the entire face and completely pulls out my skin tone, sets it instantly and the matte ends, neither the dewy nor the extreme matte and therefore, all kinds of Suitable for the skin. Set it with a powder, and it lasts for a good 5 to 6 hours.  It is waterproof, and sweatproof too. As long as you remove it from a good makeup remover, this foundation is kept! I did not see it oxidized to me, so this is another plus.

7. Revlon PhotoReady Makeup SPF 20 Foundation

From the Revlon photo-ready range, this water-resistant foundation is smooth in the texture, which makes the mix easy and it actually pulls out the skin tone. It is lightweight and also contains SPF 20 which means you do not need to apply sunscreen. It hides the flaws, marks from your face and immediately gives you the natural glow. It lasts for 6 hours and does not make oily, which is also suitable for oily skin. The packaging is sturdy, travel-friendly and attractive too.

8. MAC Face and Body Foundation

This foundation is for the face and body and it is water resistant which means it gives long-lasting coverage and stays for 10+ hours without fading. It is available in very large numbers of shades and includes many emollients which are good for skin. It makes a bright finish on your face and does not move at all. It gives a natural finish on the face and the foundation is perfectly suited for the waterproof skin. The price is high but goes a bit too long, which means that it will run for you as long as you use daily.

9. Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

This Foundation feels a slight on the skin and my face looks natural, soft and innocent, equal to the end of the air brush provided by the professionals. It feels a shiny, without appearing shiny like face disco ball. The combination is very good for the skin normal, and I have never broken out. It stays fresh for up to 6 hours, so I’m sorted for a hectic day! The best everyday foundation available in India.

10. Colorbar Mousse Foundation

This water resistant foundation gives a matte finish and the texture is very smooth, which makes the super easy mix. It is free from oil and fragrance which is suitable for people with oily skin and sensitive noses.  The packaging is sturdy, travel-friendly and hygienic. It is good for skin which is rich in vitamin A. The texture is light and it looks natural after application. If you have sensitive skin then so you can use it as it is dermatologically tested.

11. L’Oreal Matte Morphose Foundation

This foundation is light which is from L’Oreal and after blending, it eliminates very natural glow. It provides medium-to-heavy coverage and the foundation lasts for up to 6 hours which is very good. It is waterproof and thus you can wear it without worrying about something during monsoon.  It also reduces pore size to a great extent and your skin looks very beautiful and dewy. It is available in a large number of colors so you can easily find your perfect match.

12. MAC Matchmaster Foundation

This Mac Foundation is available in a large number of colors and you will definitely get your perfect match. It gives heavy coverage which looks natural and the foundation is instantly adaptable to the skin. It lasts for the whole day because it is also waterproof and sweat proof, so you do not need to touch it again and again. It will suit all skin tones because it is a water-based foundation and after application, Matte gives a dewy finish.  It also has SPF 15 which is an added advantage. The price is higher but it’s worth trying.

High end to affordable, this list covers a range of foundations that would work beautifully on almost all skin types. And, these foundations are tried, tested, and loved! Have you tried any of these waterproof foundation makeup products? Leave us your comments below. Leave us your comments below.


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