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White converse shoes are a shoe closet staple; they are versatile, comfortable and stylish. Throw in just a pair of converse shoes with just about anything, and there’s no going wrong there. But, wait, there’s a glitch though. Yes, they get awfully dirty and within the first couple of...
Using makeup brushes has changed my makeup game for the better, but you know what they say right? “With great power comes great responsibility!” So be responsible and read on to learn how to clean your makeup brushes! Let’s go through the various types of brush bristles first! Types of Brush Textures 1....
MultaniMitti (betonite), which is also popularly known as Fuller’s Earth, is made from natural earth material. It helps remove impurities with its excellent cleansing properties. The history of this versatile material dates as far back as the ancient Roman times when it was used to bleach sheep fur, as a...

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